It is been already two years since our research group have been working in a new Energy Footprint project. Our last goal has been to uniform the hidden energy debt that the so called “developed” countries have with the so called “non-developed” ones. As you know, enriched countries have outsourced most pollutant industries into impoverished countries. Thus, developed countries appear to consume less energy in the International Energy Agency production-based accounts. This is way, we use the Input-Output methodology in order to calculate the energy embodied in the imported and exported products and services.

We are pleased to attach to this email our latest research. On it, WE HAVE CREATE A NEW STANDARDIZED INDICATOR TO CALCULATE THE ENERGY DEPT OF DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, in percentage. This indicator allows to calculate in an easy way the energy footprint of a country, adding to the standard national energy consumption the HEF (HIDDEN ENERGY FLOW, %).

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