Author: Iker Etxano

We share you the link to an article recently published in Ecological Economics. This is a novel approach to evaluate ecosystem services and the capability approach in a strong sustainability perspective, through social multi-criteria evaluation (SMCE).

The article has been supported by the research group EKOPOL (

We hope you will find it interesting. Any comments on it are welcome!


The goal of this article is to develop further the promising theoretical framework that cross ecosystem services and capability approach developed by Pelenc and Ballet (2015) in a strong sustainability perspective. Given the multidimensional and deliberative aspect of Pelenc and Ballet’s (2015) framework, the social multi-criteria evaluation (SMCE) methodology seems relevant to advance the operationalization of the former. Indeed, SMCE is a support tool used in decision-making processes for complex socio-ecological systems. This operationalization is conducted through a participatory action-research with the social movement opposing a mega-prison project in Haren, Brussels (Belgium). Our empirical and methodological results show the richness and limitations of using such a scientific apparatus to conduct action-research with social movement