ekopol is a interdisciplinary research group working on socio-environmental issues. The aim of the group is to make contributions on issues of unquestionable importance and repercussion in society, such as ecological sustainability and the socio-environmental crisis, climate change, citizen participation and environmental justice, circular economy, gender perspective, etc.

Our interest lies not only in the study of these issues, but we also have a clear vocation to apply and disseminate these studies throughout society. Therefore, we do not want to be a research group that acts only in the academic field. Aware of the relationship that should exist between the University and society, ekopol wants to develop a dissemination activity advising and promoting processes and experiences of citizen participation and collaboration with various social agents for the deepening of democracy and socio-environmental sustainability in the Basque Country.

To this end, we carry out collective research and teaching activities whose mission is to be useful to society through the following activities:

  • Carrying out rigorous, independent, transversal research.
  • Facilitating evidence-based decision making.
  • Providing quality services that meet the needs and demands of society.
  • Participating in the awareness raising of the population.