The projects and plans that are being developed these days in the Basque Country to promote renewable energies have generated unrest, heated debates and a certain amount of conflict in different places. The energy and eco-social transition is a task in which it is necessary to think and plan well where and how to establish the infrastructures, in the most democratic way possible, because otherwise, the whole project could be ruined.

For this reason, we have organised various round tables, trying to synthesise and transfer all the discourses and reflections that may exist on the subject. Specifically, we have been in three different days and places, and here are the videos that summarise the meetings:

               1. In Donostia, on 23 February, at the Carlos Santamaria Centre (Ibaeta Campus)

               2. In Vitoria-Gasteiz, on 23 March, at the Faculty of Arts

               3. In Bilbao, on 25 April, at the Bizkaia Aretoa

The three videos have been recorded and edited by Yolanda Reclusa Esnoz from Bilbao. Promoter of audiovisual projects, television producer and professor of political communication, you can follow her work on vimeo and instagram.