Author: Olatz Azurza

On December 14th at 19.00 there will be a colloquium about “Renewable Energy: Yes? When? How?” in the Batzarremuño room in Altzo. The topic will be discussed by Olatz Azurza from EKOPOL together with Aitziber Sarobe from MU and Hodei Arzak from the Ekiola cooperative.

Rating of organisers:

“On a topic of great importance, people followed the conversation with interest and participated with questions and opinions.

The colloquium that was organized allowed to address the issue from different points of view, which was enriching for the listener.

Contributions from the speakers were very useful in their diversity. The scope of the issue made it difficult to find concrete and immediate solutions to our problem. In summary, however, we would say that the act was very useful and educational.

Thank you really!”

Hodei Arzak, Aitziber Sarobe and Olatz Azurza.