Bases for building a methodology for calculating rooftop solar photovoltaic potential and its contribution to the formation of energy communities

2022-07-06T12:33:03+02:005/07/2022|Álvaro Campos, Articles and Reports, Energy, Estitxu Villamor, Rosa Lago Aurrekoetxea, Uncategorized|

Urban Energy Transitions in Europe, towards Low-Socio-Environmental Impact Cities

2021-12-15T11:40:00+01:0025/10/2021|Álvaro Campos, Articles and Reports, Authors, Energy, Environment, Estitxu Villamor, Iñaki Barcena, Izaro Basurko, Olatz Azurza, Ortzi Akizu, Politics, Territorial planning|

When two movements collide: Learning from labour and environmental struggles for future Just Transitions

2021-05-20T12:47:14+02:0013/05/2021|Alevgul Sorman, Articles and Reports, Becca Wilgosh, Iñaki Barcena, Uncategorized|

Environmental popular education in context of crisis. Pedagogical orientations to social and ecological transitions.

2021-02-16T10:47:16+01:0015/02/2021|Articles and Reports, Culture, Environment, Oihane García|

Urban Development and Sustainable Mobility: A Spatial Analysis in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA)

2021-02-09T15:50:41+01:006/02/2021|Articles and Reports, Lorea Mendiola, Mobility, Territorial planning|

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