Do you want to calculate the environmental footprint of an activity?

2024-02-01T09:48:58+01:001/02/2024|Eneko Garmendia, Energy, Environment, Gorka Bueno, Iker Etxano, Itziar Barinaga, Ortzi Akizu, Research projects, Waste|

Article: Is high-speed rail a sustainable mobility option? A life-cycle assessment of the Basque Y project in Spain

2023-09-13T13:09:55+02:0013/09/2023|Andoni Kortazar, Articles and Reports, David Hoyos, Energy, Environment, Gorka Bueno, Mobility|

Analysis of the records of continuous measurements of atmospheric emissions at the Zubieta incineration plant in 2020 and 2021

2023-02-14T14:10:31+01:0013/02/2023|Articles and Reports, Gorka Bueno, Waste|

¿Which factors influence energy footprint? Calculation of the energy footprint of the Basque Country and the neighborhood of Errekaleor.

2022-09-12T11:49:55+02:0012/09/2022|Activities, Articles and Reports, Authors, Energy, Estitxu Villamor, Gorka Bueno, Ortzi Akizu, Subjects|

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